Fallow Us On :
Passion for gardening and collection of exotic plants of a duo mother-in-law & daughter-in-law metamorphed into "Green planet plant boutique".
For us Green planet is the place to nurture the  hobby  of wholistic gardening, and promote greenery around us. Its not just a plant nursery but its a plant boutique, where plants are groomed and potted in different ways to make them look presentable and very attractive.

Green planet is here to promote the concept of gifting live plants, here we also have collection of exotic plants to present for special occasions.
Our compassion for plants and creativity in arranging them made it a unique plant boutique, where interested people can come and get inspired to do gardening. In our Green planet we take up Landscaping projects, sale of plants, promote gifting  of live exotic plants and also conduct  special training classes in gardening for all ages.
Happy Gardening!
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